Full Name


First Appearance

Piranha 3DD



Cause of Death



Maddy, Ashley,

Portrayed by

Katrina Bowden

Shelby is a character in Piranha 3DD.


Shelby was a kind girl who was dating Josh . When Josh went skinny dipping, she joined and a piranha went in her vagina. She then vomits at the park and she goes with Maddy to the dock. She finds out Ashley was missing. She didn't like her a lot but was sad. They are attacked by many piranhas and they kill one. Maddy brings it to Mr. Goodman while Shelby stays with Josh. She wants Josh to Make love with her and she has sex with him, but she thinks something is wrong and the piranha gets out of her vagina and bites Josh's penis and he cuts it off. Both are later hospitalised.

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