Jake Forester is the main protagonist in Piranha 3D


Jake is the son of Sheriff Forester. He first appears going to pick up his litte sister Laura and then they meet Danni, who is one of Derrick's Actresses (the other being Crystal). Derrick invites Jake to arrive in his boat,The Barracuda, then he greets his old crush Kelly. Jake finds Danni dancing in a red bikini, and during the dance he sees Crystal putting her finger in Danni's boobs and then putting her face on them and licking them.

Derrick asks Kelly if she wants to go with them and Kelly accepts (only for Jake). When the boat crashes, Sheriff Forester goes with Novak to rescue Jake, Danni, Laura and Zane (Jake's other brother) by putting a rope in another boat while Novak waits.

After Danni dies, Jake goes back to save Kelly who is trapped in the boat. When Jake saves Kelly they all go home, except for Novak who was devoured by a big Piranha (probably the mom or dad).


  • Despite last being seen alive, his fate remains unknown due to him not appearing in Piranha 3DD.