Gina Green
Name: Gina Green
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Devoured
Appears in: "Piranha"
Portrayed by: Kehli O'Brien

Gina Green is a character and antagonist in Piranha. She is portrayed by Kehli O'Brien.


The conceited and mean head counsellor at Susie's camp, Gina is known to be disliked by the campers for being mean to them. In attempt to get filmed, Gina talks the commercial director into going out for a late night swim. When he tells her that he can't swim, she gets out of the boat and claims that she is swimming back to shore. But before she can get far, the Piranhas drag her under and begin to devour her. She makes her way out from under the water and screams for the director to help, but its too late and she dies.


  • She is based on Mr. Dumont, as well as being an original character.

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